Get to Know Our Services

At POWER Fitness we apply an integrative approach to training by providing customized services in order to achieve maximum results. These services include:

Personal Training – caters to all fitness levels from beginner to professional athletes.

Functional Movement Screen™ – a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns to accelerate performance and reduce risk of injury.

Golf Specific Training – a Titleist® certified trainer will assess your physical condition and customize workouts that will increase your flexibility, mobility and power, ultimately improving your golf game.

TRX® – a unique form of leveraged body weight exercise/ suspension training.

Sports Specific – individualized training based on your goals and the demands of your sport. Programs are available for all levels from youth sports to professional athletes.

Corrective – exercises and programs designed to address an individual’s weaknesses to prevent injury and increase performance.

Performance / Speed – the ultimate training tool for athletes whose desired goal is to take their performance to the next goal.

Post Rehab – training that address the needs of injured clients after they complete physical therapy.

Nutritional Counseling – personal nutrition assessment for pre and post workout as well as meal planning.